Rand rips Trump, Christie in post-debate ‘Fox News Sunday’ segment

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Rand Paul‘s criticism of Donald Trump is as devastatingly on-point as his data collection criticism (played out during last week’s debate scrap with Chris Christie) is incoherent, Save Jerseyans. But that’s just one man’s learned opinion!

Watch this video of his latest Fox News appearance and tell us what you think in the comments below:



4 thoughts on “Rand rips Trump, Christie in post-debate ‘Fox News Sunday’ segment

  1. Paul is correct – if you want to get phone records of someone get a warrant with their name on it. His criticism of Trump makes sense – Trump has momentum because he speaks his mind – but there is very little substance behind his words.

  2. Donald Trump will stay popular as long as he keeps fighting against political correctness. Rand Paul took on Trump because like his father the media ignores him, marginalizes him, and even leaves his name off of polls. He new if he went after Trump he would finally get attention. It worked ,because right after that, he was on the factor with Chris Wallace. Rand has never been on the factor as far as I can remember. There is a great video out of how Ron Paul was treated in the last Primary. It was disgraceful and a well kept secret. You should watch it. As far as Christie is concerned he has a Hostile record when it comes to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The only thing left that protects us and keeps us free. I support Rand 100% on his stance to protect our privacy and the 4th ammendment. The NSA is being used more against Americans and less on investigating terrorists. If Christie is so concerned about protecting us, then why did he fight the investigations and surveillance of NJ mosques?????????? .

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