CNN’s debate? More like gladiatorial bout, and that’s not good.

By Rich Pezzullo | The Save Jersey Blog

CNN was trying to stir up lots of mini “crossfire” moments. It was a true abuse of the power of the 4th estate. Understanding the gladiatorial aspect of the contest helps make sense of the spectacle.

Caesar is played by the massive corporate and labor interests – above the fray, swathed in power, prestiege and wealth. A multi-headed beast, Caesar is attended to by courtiers and servants. In order to preserve his power, he must keep the masses entertained and hopeful that they are in control of their personal destiny and that He will chart the course for the empire.

The person of the president is irrelevant to Caesar, who already has access to the money, power and freedom he needs. The person who occupies the oval office is merely the victor of a gladiatorial contest and entitled to the perks and privileges that accrue to the office. He only exerts such power as he is allowed by Caesar.

romeIt is the gladiatorial circus that most entertains the masses. They are running longer now, giving people more escape from their misery – and they are sometimes quite exciting.

The candidates are the gladiators. They fight to their political deaths over several contests, sometimes weakened, requiring expensive repairs to their armor, paid for by their cheering fans and admirers. But ultimately all who climb in the arena are subjected to risk of political death if they climb into often, or sudden political death if they make a misstep.

When a candidate is injured in the contest, the media plays the role of the wild beasts loose in the area. They are smart enough to avoid engaging the battling contestants directly lest they be injured by the weapons (massive media budgets) that are wielded by them.

But as soon as a contestant stumbles, the wild beasts rush in to amplify the damage, and perhaps drag the suffering victim off to be consumed over several press cycles to the delight of the pack and the cheers of the crowd.

There is very little politics involved in political campaigns any more. The politics occurs on K street and in donor meetings across the country. What we see on TV and on the Internet is largely the circus organized to keep us believing that we have a say in the use of power and wealth in the country, and to keep us from discovering and acting on the fact that we do not.

If you are able to see the circus for what it is – the questions that arise are:

1. Will you believe your eyes? and

2. What will you do with the knowledge?


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