Are you remaining Obamaphiles ready to apologize yet?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Russian Bear is on the move again, Save Jerseyans, but only the heroes who voted for President Obama back in 2012 are surprised. They voted for the “cool” guy who gave fun little snarky responses to hugely serious questions like during the now infamous exchange (see below) at October 22 at Florida’s Lynn University.

Remember, reflect, and think about how it all turned out:


5 thoughts on “Are you remaining Obamaphiles ready to apologize yet?

  1. JV team, the 80’s called and want their foreign policy back, that would be a red line for us…..and this list goes on and on. Unfortunately America doesn’t care what this fool said it how his failed foreign policy has made the world and more dangerous place! We are all screwed!

  2. This is what happens when you are totally unqualified and unfit to serve, with no foreign policy etiquette or clue! Sheeple on both sides of the aisle need to pull their heads out of the sand, turn off the view, get a clue. We are all Americans first!

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