America and the Left’s Trojan Horse

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

As we continue to travel through Spain it’s worth noting that we’ve been with a group of Americans — people from all over the country from Massachusetts to Florida and from Michigan to California.

And, to the extent that they’re willing to tell us, here’s what they say about the current political situation at home: They’re tired of having a stalemated government that seems to accomplsih nothing. They’d like to see Democrats and Republicans agree on something — anything — and get something done.

People who are willing to identify themselves as conservatives and/or Republicans blame President Obama and the porevious Democrat Congress as well as the current minority of Democrats in Congress.

People who identify themselves as liberal or Democrat and many who claim to be “independent” blame the Republicans. More specifically they blame what they call “the extreme right wing of the GOP” or “tea party fanatics” or “die-hard conservatives” for the problems.

Many who claim to be “independent” say they could or would or might likely vote for a moderate Republican who wasn’t tied to those “right wing wackos.”

But, would they? Would they really? After all, both Romney and McCain came pretty much from the center of the party. They were hardly darlings of the right wing.

And both lost — handily, we might add.

Forthermore, note here that hardly anyone seems to blame the extreme left-wing of the Democrat Party.
Why do you suppose that’s so?

Well, to begin with the media have focused almost exclusively on the “extreme right wing” to the exclusion of any extremes on the other side. This has been so much the case that now Bernie Sanders (an avowed socialist) can run for president without being considered extreme. So, Sanders is depicted as a generally genial soul and part of the mainstream.

trojan horseYes, the Democrats have welcomed extremists into their own party without much focus or fanfare — so much so that positions once considered “extreme left wing” are not only party orthodoxy but cemented national policy. Think abortion on demand along with the sale of baby body parts; acceptance and recognition of Castro’s thuggish Communist regime; national health care (aka Obamacare); politically “correct” speech and behavior codes; the steady dismantling of America’s military arsenal; abandonment of our stalwart defense of Israel as a beacon of democracy in the mideast; mountains of goverment regulation and environmental policies that block energy independence. We’ve just named a few here. These are all extreme positions. All of these positions and/or policies were alien to the Democrat Party of JFK and LBJ. They were unthinkable.

Yet, today they basically constitute the platform of the Democrat Party and, more frighteningly, they are our new national policies.

And they have been declared sacrosanct.

How did this happen?

As we’ve noted, it was all enabled by the media.

On top of that, mainstream Republicans allowed it to happen. They willingly (in fact, gleefully) accepted strongly committed right-wing support at election time but hesitated to sincerely and actively fold commensurate conservative policies into their actions. To call thes country club Republicans timid would be an understaement. They basically wimped out.

Can we give them credit for anything? We suppose you could say they’ve successfully managed to hold strict gun control policies at bay but that has actually been largely the work of the NRA and in some instances it’s crossed party lines.

But otheriwse, GOP resistance to the programs and policies we’ve noted (and many others) has been just so much hot air and.

Personality-wise, Barack Obama has embodied these far-left policies and actions without appearing to be extreme in the eyes of many ordinary Americans. That’s involved a very clever and effective slight-of-hand. While his cadance and smile sometimes seem to embody a soft-touch liberalism, he’s been busy moving the nation to the far left. And his up-on-the-toes strut will tell that he’s succeeding.

With the help of extreme left-wing zealots and the abandonment of honest, journalistic responsibility by the fourth estate, the Obama propaganda machine has mainstreamed ideas and policies that Americans once found absurd. Think gay “marriage.”

It’s as if a Trojan horse has entered Ronald Reagan’s once pristine “shining city on a hill.”
Again, 90% of the media are happily seduced by it all — so much so that they act as an accomplice to all this.
So, what’s the botton line here? Certainly, not a gain for America. Not a plus.

Remember: Both parties have extremes. Without people at the extreme there would be no political party. A bit of zealotry is always needed to fuel political movements and built and maintain political causes and parties. Without it, souch efforts and organizations would not exist.

Cursing all extremes is nonsensical and unproductive.

Look at it this way: Without poles at one end of the political spectrum or another, we’d never know where the middle is or was. It’s no exaggeration to say that the extremes define the middle.

But don’t recognize and demonize one political extreme while you sheepishly allow yourself to be not only cow-tailed but (worse yet) ruled by the other.

That’s not only folly, it’s the fastest route to tyranny.


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