The Shameless, Disrespectful, Despicable Obama

By Rich Pezzullo | The Save Jersey Blog

Shame on you, Barack Obama. You do come out after each horrible event and try to rally the country to your dream of reducing the political influence of those who choose to own guns.

You called tonight to politicize this event, saying it is something that SHOULD be politicized.

obamaLast weekend there were 50 shootings in Chicago – but not a word from you. The week before there were another 50 shootings in Chicago, and again, no outrage as our young people are cut down by violent thugs.

But when the country’s attention is turned to what is truly a horrible event, you rush to the microphone to call attention to your pet cause, ignoring the fact that it is NOT the biggest item on the minds of Americans. Shame on you.

Call for unity, fine! Call for prayers, certainly. But Call your Congressman??? Calling attention away from the grief and horror that we share witnessing this event is a shameless, disrespectful and despicable act.

There’s plenty of time for politics. You shameless politician, you attention whore – you stepped over the line by dragging these innocent victims, bodies still warm, some in surgery, into your obsessive political battle.

Go play golf and let us be.



6 thoughts on “The Shameless, Disrespectful, Despicable Obama

  1. POTUS is fed up as are many Americans since Congress will not take the one most simple step that would not harm anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights….Require the same background checks (already in place at gun shops) on the purchase of all weapons…..would make it harder for some felons and those that are mentally ill from obtaining a weapon

  2. If criminals don’t buy their guns through legal means (they buy them on the street) what are background checks going to do? It’s far easier to buy guns illegally, than legally in New Jersey. How about we ban backyard swimming pools. More kids died in backyard swimming pool accidents in 2013 than were killed with assault rifles. Go ahead. Fact check me. It is naive and stupid to think more gun control laws will stop events like this. It’s like thinking that banning pressure cookers will stop bombings at marathons.

  3. The president predicted exactly this reaction. How long do we wait for you to get over your grief and horror?

  4. Matt Rooney and “Save Jersey” are reminiscent of that quaint, nostalgically funny 1940’s Broadway stage play tiled “Arsenic and Old Lace” in which one of the Brewster sisters utters: “It may not be charitable of me, but I’ve almost come to the conclusion that this Mr. Hitler isn’t a Christian.”

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