Morris Freeholders tell Trenton to think (and cut) before hiking gas tax

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Gas tax hike opposition hasn’t waned in recent months, Save Jerseyans, as demonstrated by the resignation of arch-liberal Jamie Fox over at DOT and the actions of the Morris County Freeholder Board at their Wednesday meeting.

The Morris County freeholders at their 2015 reorganization.
The Morris County freeholders at their 2015 reorganization.

You can read the resolution HERE.

“Whereas, instead of increasing an already intolerably high tax burden, the legislature should reduce expenses by acting on nearly 80 bills that have been introduced to reduce expenses and lighten the tax burden,” the resolution reads, in part, supported by the all-Republican board governing Chris Christie’s home county.

I couldn’t agree with them more! Alternatives abound.

AFP state director Erica Jedynak, who testified at the hearing, said the board deserved “kudos for their leadership and willingness to take a stand on this issue.”

“Trenton lawmakers should learn from their excellent example by embracing fiscal discipline, prioritizing, and making the tough choices needed to take care of our roads and bridges without making it even costlier for hard-working New Jersey families to live and work here,” Jedynak added. “AFP commends Freeholder John Krickus for introducing the resolution, and also commends Freeholder Director Kathryn DeFillippo, Freeholder Director John Cesaro, Freeholders Douglas Cabana, Hank Lyon, Thomas Mastrangelo, and David Scapicchio, for unanimously supporting it.”

What would’ve been even nicer? If 2015 Assembly candidates had RUN on opposition to the gas tax as some county-level GOP’ers are doing this cycle. Can’t blame a guy for dreaming…


2 thoughts on “Morris Freeholders tell Trenton to think (and cut) before hiking gas tax

  1. It’s all Kabuki theater, noble looking but useless. Democrats don’t care about gas price because their vote farms are either too rich to notice or too poor to own a car. So the tax will go up, Republican districts will remain Republican because they tried, and Democrat districts will remain Democrat because they can bankroll a few more free shit programs.

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