Obama’s historically awful foreign policy hits rock bottom

By Ian Linker | The Save Jersey Blog

Obama’s foreign policy is approaching total failure. Let’s look at the record:

Withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq? Please. Look what that region has become. It’s worse than ever. ISIS is what it is today because we withdrew our troops prematurely and because the U.S. President failed to support Syrian rebels earlier in their efforts to destroy the Assad regime.

Relations with Russia? Don’t be ridiculous. Putting aside the effects Obama’s appeasement of Russia has had in Eastern Europe, ie, Ukraine, the effects are now evident in Syria. In support of the Assad regime, Russian warplanes are striking rebels we support, creating more chaos in an already chaotic region.

The Iran Deal? Yeah, sure. Even if you somehow believe the deal will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, a point I respectfully dispute, the deal, our premature withdrawal from Iraq, and our overall approach to Iran has emboldened the Islamic theocracy to extend its influence throughout the region.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict? Uh-huh. Tell me another one. The U.S. government has all but abandoned our Israeli friends and the Administration has publicly humiliated Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. And now Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is telling the world the Palestinians are no longer bound by the Oslo accords.

I don’t remember a time when there have been more world-wide crises directly attributable to failed and flawed American foreign policy. I challenge anyone to identify a high water mark.


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