Author: Ian Linker

Ian Linker is a former Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. He espouses limited government, individual liberty, free markets, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, a strict interpretation of the Constitution, and the rule of law. Ian is a student of history and practices law in New York City. He has argued appeals for his clients in the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the First, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Circuits. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School in New York City, and received a degree in finance from the University of Arizona. Ian lives in Bergen County with his two children.

OPINION: Trump’s narcissistic, petulant behavior may win elections but won’t help him govern

By Ian Linker | The Save Jersey Blog The American people deserve far better than a President who disengages immediately upon perceiving he, or she, is being treated unfairly. Trump’s decision to boycott the Fox GOP debate this Thursday night Read More

Obama’s historically awful foreign policy hits rock bottom

By Ian Linker | The Save Jersey Blog Obama’s foreign policy is approaching total failure. Let’s look at the record: Withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq? Please. Look what that region has become. It’s worse than ever. ISIS is what it Read More

OPINION: Booker should put American security ahead of partisanship and vote against the Iran Deal

By Ian Linker | The Save Jersey Blog I really have very little doubt about what Sen. Cory Booker will do regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iran Nuclear Deal. He is an Obama Democrat – a politician Read More