OPINION: Trump’s narcissistic, petulant behavior may win elections but won’t help him govern

By Ian Linker | The Save Jersey Blog

The American people deserve far better than a President who disengages immediately upon perceiving he, or she, is being treated unfairly.

Trump’s decision to boycott the Fox GOP debate this Thursday night because the network refuses to remove Megyn Kelly as one of the moderators – Trump thinks she treats him unfairly – is more of the same evidence we’ve been seeing since the beginning of this reality show, sorry, I mean, political campaign (I get confused sometimes), that Trump is unfit for the presidency.

trumpTrump thinks Kelly treats him unfairly? Welcome to life, Donald.

This is not the schoolyard where a child who doesn’t like the way another child is playing with her can say, “My mommy says I don’t have to play with you anymore.” We are talking the presidency of the United States – arguably, the most powerful position in the World. And if the GOP front runner (man, that makes me queasy just to write) doesn’t like the way he is being treated by Megyn Kelly, wait until he sits down with World leaders or members of Congress who oppose him.

What, is he going to just get up from the table and storm out of the room like a petulant child, slamming the door on his way out, simply because he thinks one of them treats him unfairly?

The Trump campaign’s press release, quite possibly written by Trump himself because it uses complex words such as “incredible” to describe himself and “stupid” to describe others, states that Trump’s decision to boycott the debate is analogous to a business man’s decision to end an unfavorable negotiation. And while Trump is undoubtedly a good business man, or perhaps, more appropriately, crony capitalist, the qualities that make him a good business man will not make him a good President.

Wake up America. It’s time for this nightmare to end.


4 thoughts on “OPINION: Trump’s narcissistic, petulant behavior may win elections but won’t help him govern

  1. Enough with all the establishment/neocon intelligentsia Trump bashing. The fact is Trump is tapping into where most people, not DC policy paper pushers are. And hes even doing better in general election polls.

  2. Well first of all he is proving the media special interests do not own him and he also can not be bought. That is different than Clinton or Obama. I respect and can trust he is running for the right reasons, even though I prefer Cruz’s stance on the Constitution. Immigration and Common Core are my first priorities, as well as our veterans. Trump has been the most outspoken on these issues, and is not owned like Rubio , Christie, and many others to the Crony Chamber of Commerce. I think as a lawyer you can see how tactical this move is. Proving to his supporters he takes no shit from anyone, especially those with underhanded agendas. I watched that first debate hoping to hear about issues not smutty tabloid gotcha questions. We were apalled. Fox deserves this. And Rand Paul was right for boycotting too. He is polling higher than Kasich and Christie who should not have been there.

  3. I also have experience with Trump back in the 80s and 90s. For one I worked in AC where he created a tremendous amount of jobs. In the 90s, and presently, I work in the furniture industry. Trump had a line of furniture. He came to the North Carolina market and was apalled to find out, which he verbally expressed, that the majority of the factories were shutting down and moving overseas. He pulled out. He tries to buy American for his hotels and gets very disgusted when he can’t. We in the business know this first hand. The majority of the factories are now shut and thousands out of work. China rules the industry as we speak. Thanks to Repubs and Dems. This is just one industry. He is speaking to millions who have gone through this. TTP and immigration are killing our country. Trump is the only one speaking loudy about this. Perfect conservative? No, but good American? Probably. Is this substantative enough? I have more if not.

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