Christie: “I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy” for Ben Carson

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Many Republicans are rallying around Ben Carson this week, Save Jerseyans, but Governor Chris Christie is not among them.

via CNN:

CUOMO: On the politics side, you know what is going on with Dr. Ben Carson. He says the burden of proof, which obviously will get you big eyes because it means something to you as a prosecutor, not on me to prove what I said before, says Dr. Ben Carson. What world is that about? If you have something about your life that you make central – you have a record, okay. You were a prosecutor. You were a governor. But if there is something you see central to who you are today as a person, and I started asking about it, and people can’t verify the story. Is the burden on me or is it on you?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Well, it’s on me. I’ve said this all along about Dr. Carson. We’re all responsible for our own personal stories. We are responsible for our personal stories. We bring that personal story to you and the media to say, ‘This is me and this is why that makes me qualified, unique for a particular position that I’m seeking.’ So, it is, of course, his burden. It’s absolutely his burden. I heard him this morning say he’s been more scrutinized than anybody in the race – that’s unfair. Is he kidding?

CUOMO: No, he’s not kidding.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Did he watch what I went through in January of 2014 for months and months of relentless attacks from people in the media and in the partisan Democratic Party, when it turned out that I did absolutely nothing wrong? I haven’t gotten a note of apology from anyone. So, I got to tell you, a couple days being asked about something you put in your books, I have to tell you, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy. He should answer the questions forthrightly and directly. If he does, the American people will accept it. If he doesn’t, than he’s got a problem.

CUOMO: Now look, you can come at people for how they do the job, but even with what was going on with you with the bridge in Jersey, you know that was an issue. It was something that had to be looked at on a governmental level and also a media level. You may not like how it was done but it was legit.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: But, that’s my point.

CUOMO: But this is equally legit, no?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Of course. Of course because it’s our personal story. If you’re going to make your personal story – and everyone would have to – make it part of your qualification for president of the United States, then it is absolutely open to scrutiny. Everybody understands that. My point before was with him saying, no one has ever been treated like this. I have to tell you the truth, I did nothing wrong regarding the bridge situation, and I got the scars all over my back to prove that a lot of people jump to conclusions. My point is not that it shouldn’t have been looked at, of course, but people jumped to conclusions about guilt and innocence. We shouldn’t be doing those things. That’s why I say about dr. Carson, come out and tell us exactly what went on.

CUOMO: Does it matter to you whether or not this story about him stabbing someone in the stomach is true, whether the things he says is true? Does it matter? Or are we making too much of it?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Stories themselves do not matter. Whether they’re truthful or not does matter. He’s got the responsibility for it. It’s his responsibility because he put the story out there in the first place. He has the responsibility to back it up. If he does, believe me, Chris, we’ll move on next week to something else. If you don’t, that’s when it lingers. He’s got to be able to do and say what all of us are responsible for in this business, which is to be responsible for our own personal story.


7 thoughts on “Christie: “I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy” for Ben Carson

  1. He is, was and always will be a preening, bloviating, pantload. Dear God in Heaven, please usher this tub-o-lard off the national stage and into oblivion – where he belongs.

  2. I am so on the fence with this.
    1. I feel bad because Carson is right by saying no one dogged into Obama’s past like this. So there is a sense of bias and racism here.
    But 2. He is after all running for potus. Everything he has ever done since birth is fair game and open to scrutiny. As disgusting as the blatant bias may be, it is still par for the corse.

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