#NoGasTaxHike: Yet another poll finds 62% opposed

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Last week, Save Jerseyans, we saw a poll from Quinnipiac telling us what we already knew: a strong majority of New Jerseyans do NOT want to pay more for gas because Trenton doesn’t have its shit together. 62% to be precise.

Parkway congestion trafficNow we have a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a nearly indistinguishable result. 62% still don’t want a gas tax hike. Tiny numbers of Democrats (46%), independents (29%) and Republicans (27%) hold a different opinion.

“The broken trust that exists between policy makers and the public seems to be an underlying factor in any policy discussion,” opined Krista Jenkins, the director of FDU’s PublicMind poll and a professor of political science. “As much as residents complain about and recognize the need to fix our roads and bridges, it’s hard to move forward when so many believe a chasm separates what politicians say versus what they do. So, the state remains paralyzed by an inability to move forward, with motorists paying more for car repairs, and public transportation users paying more to ride trains and busses.”


Are the fat cats eating overpriced steak in A.C. this week paying attention?


7 thoughts on “#NoGasTaxHike: Yet another poll finds 62% opposed

  1. Everyone will be opposed until a bridge collapses during rush hour and thousands are killed. Whether it’s not wanting you to have health insurance or not wanting to fix our crumbling infrastructure, republicans want to shovel you as close to the grave as they possibly can.

  2. The above comments are ill-conceived. Using congestion pricing, bridges, roads, and highways –infrastructure– would be self-funding! In NJ, the need is to eliminate the Slush Funds that skim funds from transportation and eliminate “rigged bid projects.”

  3. Justin, apparently you have missed the fact that the Navy Blue state of New Jersey has rarely, if ever, had a legislature that was Republican controlled. To blame just about anything on Republicans in NJ is ludicrous at best. Son, you really need to do some better research and read some NJ history. Start with The Soprano State by Bob Ingle. MOST enlightening

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