Rooney on NJ 101.5 Radio: Stop blaming the map for NJ GOP losses

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

The morning after a brutal defeat for the New Jersey Assembly GOP caucus, Save Jerseyans, our Blogger-in-Chief and favorite Garden State attorney Matt Rooney returned to NJ 101.5 for Friday morning drive time to discuss the results with host Bill Spadea and get to the why behind Election 2015’s results…


“I think that what happened in [District] 16 yesterday and elsewhere is a symptom of a larger problem,” Rooney explained. “And it’s a strategy that Republicans have gotten in trouble with outside of New Jersey, too. It’s that, ‘Well, if we just narrow down the battlefield enough- not just geographically but also on the issues- it’ll make it easier to hold onto what we got.’”

“You can’t assume your enemy’s only going to attack you where they say they’re going to attack you,” he continued. “Otherwise you’ll be taken by surprise when there’s a last minute cash dump aiding your opponents, like the GOP was in this case.”


24 thoughts on “Rooney on NJ 101.5 Radio: Stop blaming the map for NJ GOP losses

  1. Bravo. Providing no reason for voters to give you a look fails every time regardless of the map. It’s an easy excuse. Why are the Dems making inroads in 11 and 16 when the map supposedly has these as “Republican” districts? We can’t even win in 1.

    The 2017 election is underway. I am looking for a gubernatorial candidate with an agenda that is not some pale version of the Democratic mush they serve up. The only way the GOP wins legislative seats is to stand for something.

    Matt Bevin was written off for dead. Funny things happen when you take a stand. Don’t tell me “that’s Kentucky” because it’s only the third time since 1971 Republicans won their governor’s seat.

    It’s not over until we say it’s over.

  2. The problem with the GOP is that they do not run on a unified platform. They have allowed so many into the big tent that no one understands what they are voting for if they were to choose Republican. Their march down into oblivion started when they got rid of a platform (the only state in the nation to do so) during the Whitman administration.

  3. Shitty leadership gets shitty results. The GOP has no clue what the average NJian deals with on a daily basis. They think it’s all photo ops and apple pie. Look at NJ Transit? Look at the infrastructure? Look at the cost of living and quality of life? NJ is at the bottom of these lists for good reason. And the flood of people and businesses out of this State. Not surprised in the least. And Christie is a shadow of what he once was. All just very sad…..the GOP needs to roll up their sleeves and outwork the opposition or the seats will drop one by one

  4. Things in this state will have to get worse before they get better. The only thing that will wake people up is a very unpleasant shock to the system. But by then it may be too late, and most won’t get through it.

  5. And yet, just one day earlier, Matt had THIS to say:

    “Then there’s the map. That G-damn map. In 2013, 1,730,896 votes were cast for Democrat legislative candidates while 1,854,422 were cast for GOP candidate, yet thanks to the late Alan Rosenthal’s embarrassingly-bad and unconstitutional redistricting map, Democrats enjoy a decisive majority in the State Senate and a large majority in the Assembly.

    Does timing truly matter when the map is THIS gerrymandered?”

    Which is it, Matt? Do we blame the Map, like you did on Nov 3 or do we blame the Message, like you did a day later? Or is it both? Perhaps it’s neither.

    Or, perhaps, you can call Bill Spadea at NJ 101.5 tomorrow and clarify it for us “Save Jerseyans.”

  6. Um, it’s New Jersey. Democrats have, and c will, continue to dominate no matter what. Every once in a while when voters think they need change, they will vote Republican. There is no conviction or commitment to small government, free markets, low taxes and school choice.

  7. Until all the elected officials in the state capital, cities, towns and school boards can admit to the hard fact about the dire situation the state is in nothing will happen. We all have to get past the denial. There needs to be a RADICAL cut in spending, reduction in government at all levels, consolidation of little towns, and cut in regulatory barriers to new jobs. Some states are thriving with attracting new jobs, controlling taxes, and providing a high quality of life, and then there is NJ. As a native I’m ashamed.

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