Christie signs five new bills

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie at desk signing budgetHere is today’s list, Save Jerseyans:

S-854/A-1341 (Vitale, Greenstein/Quijano, Sumter, Pinkin, Wimberly) – Requires that certain health care facilities be generator ready; allows health care facilities to qualify for NJEDA loans for cost of generators

S-2234/A-3397 (Thompson, Van Drew/Giblin, Clifton, O’Donnell) – Abolishes Landscape Irrigation Contractors Examining Board in the Department of Environmental Protection and transfers regulation of landscape irrigation contractors to Department of Community Affairs

S-2784/A-3856 (Van Drew, Whelan/Andrzejczak, Johnson) – Provides partial exemption and maximum sales and use tax imposition amount for sales and uses of boats and vessels; establishes grace period for use tax imposition on certain boats and vessels used by resident purchasers

A-3393/S-2167 (Spencer, Pintor Marin, Caputo, Tucker/Rice, Ruiz) – Permits Newark to use rental car tax proceeds over three-year period to help reduce its “cash deficit for preceding year” appropriation and operational deficit

A-3421/S-2220 (Dancer, Mukheriji/Singer) – Revises the “Self-Funded Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement Regulation Act”

Originally, S-2784/A-3856 was introduced by outgoing Republican Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi during the June 25th session. Democrats tabled it with a party-line vote but, with Fiocchi already defeated in his November reelection bid, the amendment was reintroduced and included at passage.


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  1. The “Blogger-in-Chief” might have done a solid favor for his beloved “Save Jerseyans” and taken the time to offer a one or two sentence explanation – in pedestrian English – what each of these bills means and how each might impact the suckers who still inhabit the once great Garden State.

    Or was copying and pasting difficult enough?

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