NH gun group continues to take aim at Christie’s record

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, a group whose leader recently warned voters “don’t be fooled!” by Chris Christie’s gun record, is taking fresh aim at the New Jerseyan Governor after Tuesday night’s Las Vegas GOP debate.

“Gov. Christie has not and will not change.  One Christie supporter said ‘there will be no gun bans in a Christie administration’. Maybe not, but there won’t be concealed carry recognition or repeals of other anti-gun laws either,” explained Scott A. Krauss, vice president of NHFC, in a Wednesday morning post on the organization’s website. “We here at NHFC wonder why these so called pro-gun folks from New Jersey are so enamored with their anti-gun governor that they are trying hard to convince free Americans to support him.”

The most recent public poll shows Christie moving into second place in America’s first primary state.

Want to more background? Check out Matt Rooney’s July 2015 summary of Christie’s gun record HERE.


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  1. Blimpus Maximus is slowly deflating as the reservoir of hot air diminishes. His political days in the sun are numbered.

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