Bipartisan Agreement amongst Bloggers

By Brian K. Everett | NJ Poverty Reality

I began my blogging career with a simple free WordPress account. My writing focused around poverty research, current events, and opinions with most of my posts focusing on Camden in a liberally leaning way. Sure, I’m a registered democrat for voting purposes, but I truthfully do not identify myself as a democrat nor a republican, especially not so in New Jersey. I do contribute to now, and nine times out of ten I agree with national democratic policies and reject national republican policies.

Yet here I am, for the second time I believe, in full agreement with New Jersey’s leading conservative blogger about policies brought forth by New Jersey democratic representatives. Matt Rooney and I think a takeover of Atlantic City is wrong, unnecessary, and all about power.

Matt and I, if I recall correctly, equally rejected proposals for raising the gas tax in order to help fund the Transportation Trust Fund earlier this year. But who are Matt and I? What makes us so damn special?

I’ll speak for myself here; Nothing makes me any more special than anyone else who reads what I write.

Matt and I are unique, though, because we typically channel the opinions of republicans or democrats alike through our writing, and we both constantly ask for input from those who read our posts.

It’s rather telling when bloggers like Matt and I agree over an issue as important as taking over a city government, because such an agreement shows that the actions and desires of legislators do not match those held by constituents, across the board.

When such an occasion happens, I believe it is the duty of us political bloggers to make that fact known, and encourage all of our readers to contribute their thoughts too. I’d really like to suggest that all constituents should write directly to their legislators, but from experience both as an intern in a legislative office and someone who has written often to many different legislators including my own, your letters often go unread, unanswered, and the public blogosphere may in fact yield a better response.

I believe myself and Matt can agree that our democracy in New Jersey is in trouble. An elected oligarchy continuously proposes takeovers, sneaks in special legislation, and disbands public entities without the permission of the public.

Whether you consider yourself republican, democrat, independent, or green, I implore you all to take note of the various actions made in this state that resemble a breach of democracy, and I beg you all to do so with clear, non-partisan lenses.


3 thoughts on “Bipartisan Agreement amongst Bloggers

  1. Nicely done, Matt L00ney: reach across the aisle and make friendly with an enemy who, but for his agreement with you on the peripheral and stupid issue of Atlantic City – would happily kneecap you to further his agenda.

    But he won’t do it too quickly…after all, you ARE a GOPe st00ge and useful idii0t who will further the Proglodyte agenda by trashing any REAL Conservative who comes along.

    You really are sickening.

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