OPINION: Toms River schools’ transgender locker room experiment is half-baked

By Alyssa LaFage | The Save Jersey Blog

It seems like every day, in a million little ways, Save Jerseyans, the Left is looking for a new way to normalize and impose their insanity on the rest of us.

One day they are attempting to constitutionally-mandate pension payments, and the next they are laying siege to the Toms River (Ocean County) school district by insisting that transgender students be permitted to use bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex.

As a mother, I find the transgender bathroom situation to be especially perverse. Why? The school board has an obligation to educate these kids, protect their students and look out for their best interests. At a very basic level, that means encouraging the pursuit of truth.

And the objective truth is people are born either biologically male or biologically female, something even the most ardent LGBT activists concede is distinct from sexuality. So-called “gender dysphoria” doesn’t change the truth, merely the individual’s perception of it. Enabling and encouraging confused young minds is child abuse every which way you look at it and that’s exactly what the school board would be engaging in if they enact this proposed policy.

toms riverThe practical problem with this half-baked plan, and quite frankly, with the vast majority of liberal policies aimed at pacifying any minority or special interest group, is that the consequences associated with enacting the proposal have not been thoroughly considered. The social engineering experiment, designed to advance a narrow worldview, is never fully thought-out because the ends, not the means, is all that matters to these people.

For example: who exactly gets to determine which biological male/female students legitimately “feel” like they are of the opposite sex? Who has the authority to make that determination?

The student? A physician? A psychologist? A bureaucrat?

Let’s say it’s the principal. What if he/she determines that X student should not be allowed to use their preferred bathroom?

Will Toms River be open to a lawsuit from the student and their parents?

And if the principal ultimately makes the determination, what exactly is the litmus test?

Is there a check-list? Or some sort of evaluation?

Does a teenage boy who feeeeels like he is a teenage girl need to wear makeup and a dress to be allowed into the girls locker room? Anyone who’s been to high school – and dealt with teenage boys – can easily imagine what happens next here!

How long does he need to look feminine, or associate as a female, to be considered female for the purposes of hanging out in the girls’ locker room?

Or does he even have to look feminine at all? Is it a simple matter of filling out a declaration form?

Do you see where this is going? Crazy town. Full speed ahead.

That’s where we’re going.

If Toms River wants to help the “transgendered” students, they should start by refocusing on education, not indoctrination, and encouraging these kids to explore, and accept, who they truly are in a compassionate but honest way that seems to be lacking as of this writing.


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3 thoughts on “OPINION: Toms River schools’ transgender locker room experiment is half-baked

  1. I have a female family member who works with a male who dresses as and “identifies” himself as a female. He has all of the male genitalia yet threatened and actually began legal action against the employer to be allowed to use the woman’s bathroom. A separate bathroom that the employer had set aside for his private use was not sufficient. So now this man in a dress who wears makeup and is still biologically all male is permitted in the ladies room along with all of the females to take care of business. To say that this does not present an enormous amount of awkwardness and uneasiness among the majority of females is an understatement. Why are dozens of people inconvenienced and made uncomfortable to appease 1 single person? This is beyond ridiculous.

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