Haddonfield GOP’er runs for Congress borrowing Trump’s ‘great again’ promise

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Bob Patterson will seek the Republican Congressional nomination New Jersey’s 1st congressional district, Save Jerseyans, taking on the winner of the Democrat primary between incumbent Donald Norcross and challenger Alex Law should the GOP’er secure his party’s backing.

He isn’t a billionaire by any means but appears prepared to borrow a line or two from the presently successful campaign strategy of Donald Trump.

In a release announcing is candidacy in the strongly-Democratic South Jersey district, Patterson pledged to run on a “platform of making South Jersey great again” by siding with “Main Street – not Wall Street,” themes echoing the spirit of the populist Trump movement.

bob patterson“For too long, I have watched Republicans and Democrats kowtow to the globalist corporations and their high-paid lobbyists, at the expense of hardworking Americans,” Patterson, a husband and father of three, explained in his accompanying statement. “We need to focus on creating family-wage jobs for American workers, investing in our factories and infrastructure, and protecting our citizens from foreign threats. I oppose the trade deals from NAFTA to the pending TPP that send American jobs overseas. We need to put South Jersey families first.”

The Cherry Hill native has served as vice president for government relations at the U.S. Business & Industry Council (USBIC), an organization that advocates for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Unsurprisingly, Patterson plans to make jobs – and specifically revisiting U.S. trade deals – a primary focus of his campaign, another Trump-esque line of attack.

“Unfortunately, my opponent, Rep. Donald Norcross, not only supports sanctuary cities, but also voted to quadruple the number of visas for foreign workers, costing South Jersey jobs,” he continued. “Rep. Norcross signed a letter supporting allowing Syrian refugees to come to America without proper vetting. Finally, Rep. Norcross gave the president unilateral authority to remove economic sanctions on Iran. These policies hurt South Jersey workers and threaten our nation’s security.”

Patterson is expected to receive the formal support of the Camden County Republican Party but no endorsement from the organization or its chairman, Tom Booth, was forthcoming at the time of the announcement.


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