Christie Administration (finally) ends food stamp work requirement waiver

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

New Jersey’s “able-bodied” adults without dependents won’t be able to obtain food stamps anywhere in Garden State by this time next month, Save Jerseyans.

On New Year’s Eve, the Christie Administration announced the end of its participation in a waiver to 20 hour per week minimum federal work requirements for food-stamp recipients, joining 10 other U.S. states including neighboring Delaware. The feds had set a 10% unemployment threshold for waivers which our state – at 6.5% – is now well-below notwithstanding persistent underemployment.

The move is expected to impact only 11,000 of the state’s roughly 900,000 food stamp recipients; over 400,000 N.J. children will also remain unaffected.

46.5 million Americans were receiving food stamps as of 2014. That’s 45% higher than December 2008, the last month before Barack Obama assumed the presidency.

This change took effect on January 1st for residents in Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Somerset and Sussex counties; the other 16 counties will join the club February 1st.


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  1. First, he systematically destroys the state’s economy, then he takes food out of people’s mouths while they’re struggling to find work in that economy? If Chris Christie weren’t running for president, I still wouldn’t show my face here anymore if I were him.

  2. OMG Rooney…I just posted a perfect response to Justine and it never appeared. Which benign epithet did it filter out this time? Certainly not SHITHEAD…because that is what you are.

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