In Trump World, even Steve Lonegan is an establishment hack!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Steve Lonegan had been called many things during his blustery tenure in New Jersey electoral politics, Save Jerseyans, but until he backed Texas Senator Ted Cruz over Donald Trump and was tapped to serve as Cruz’s New Jersey state chairman, I’ve never seen Chris Christie‘s ’09 primary opponent referred to as… establishment.

Welcome to the Age of Trump!

Check out this excerpt from a public Tuesday exchange on Steve’s official Facebook page:

trump lonegan establishment

Too funny, right?

I’ve predicted this day for years: the RINO hunters would eventually go full-on French Revolution. Now that day has finally arrived as the most extreme RINO hunters – who were always faux conservatives – unite around a life-long Democrat and start going after their own former leaders. I’d be amused by it all – and enjoy the validation – if it wasn’t so damn bad for my party and, first and foremost, my country:

RINO hunters turning on other RINO hunters is a phenomenon that warrants further exploration from this blog, and it’ll get it (very soon), since what’s happening in the GOP right now between Trumpies and Cruz fans is astonishing, gruesome, counterproductive, and more reminiscent of the French Revolution than the Reagan Revolution. First the lynch mob and their New Media enablers came for the McConnells and Boehners; now they’re applying purity tests to their own! And no one operating these proverbial guillotines seems to be able to articulate how the crime of RINO-dom is defined.

Hold on to your heads, folks, for as long as you can…


5 thoughts on “In Trump World, even Steve Lonegan is an establishment hack!

  1. I am very good friends with Steve Lonegan was only establishment operative in Ocean County who supported him in CD3. I was the first Republican leader to formally and publicly endorse Trump. I don’t agree that supporters see Lonegan as an establishment hack. I think what we will find out is many Trump supporters see Rubio as 2nd choice. I will share some information. I am one of the start up coordinators started a Trump FB page a week before his announcement. It now has tens of thousands of supporters. A question was asked to Trump supporters who should be VP and Cruz was the preferred choice by a landslide. Huckabeee was a distant second.

  2. You are misunderstanding this completely. Lonegan is being criticized because he is reiterating talking points that do not win. The Reagan victories were over 30 years ago and his wins were based on Democratic incompetence combined with economics and the Cold War, not social issues.

  3. Lonegan? Establishment Hack? Ehhhh…yes and no. Anyone familiar with Lonegan’s political history understands that he will hack for the Establishment – or anyone else – if it helps him in his quest for power and relevance.

  4. While we may agree to disagree on many things, Mr. Rooney, I will smile and tell you that I actually did spit coffee when I saw this headline.

    Mr. Trump may wish to seek medical attention – his “narcioma” may have metastasized.

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