CLAIM: Democrats plot state takeover of A.C. after casino question advances

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

atlantic‘s Harry Hurley broke an interesting piece of news on Monday night ahead of Tuesday’s ‘state of the state’ address by Chris Christie:

My sources have stated to me that In the near future, New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney, State Senator Jim Whelan and Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo will be proposing what in essence will be a state takeover of Atlantic City.”

Hurley’s unnamed but “well-placed” sources were unable to verify Governor Christie’s position on the matter.

Earlier Tuesday, a constitutional referendum to allow North Jersey casino gaming favored by Senate President Steve Sweeney passed the State Senate sans the backing of state Senators Jeff Van Drew (D-1), Jim Whelan (D-2), Sam Thompson (R-12), Chris Connors (R-9), Mike Doherty (R-23), and Diane Allen (R-7). Christie allegedly acted as the arbiter between warring factions of Democrats….

….yeah, it’s weird and getting weirder over there:

“Nothing will get done today beyond the vote that has already happened in the Senate. As the new session begins tomorrow, the Sarlo/Sweeney version of the constitutional resolution will be introduced in both houses,” Christie explained at the State House Annex. “There will be an addition to the Sarlo/Sweeney resolution. That addition is at the suggestion of the speaker, that, for each licensee there be a mandatory minimum $1 billion investment in each license. So in each of the two licenses those projects must be worth a capital investment, at least, of $1 billion each, in each of those licenses. There will also be the appropriate timelines that were in the Sarlo/Sweeney bill and that will address the ability to make this move quickly. After, if it’s approved by the voters in November, that the process can then move quickly, so that if it’s approved that North Jersey gaming projects can get moving as quickly as possible.”

But it was only a press conference in the most general sense of the phrase:

Cya tomorrow, folks.


6 thoughts on “CLAIM: Democrats plot state takeover of A.C. after casino question advances

  1. Is A.C. a failure?
    Well…solution>> Repeat this mistake deluding people into believing that even though you could not fix or correct or alleviate something that was broken : If we start from scratch somewhere else the result will be much better.

  2. Instead of building more casinos in North Jersey, they should invest in manufacturing legal gambling machines that can be then licenses to the casinos or state lottery to market to stores, business throughout the state. The machines should be networked like the lottery machines. This would offer scalability in the number of gaming machines spread out through the state. It would offer more of number of machines compared to what would be found consolidated into a casino. It would minimize the risk of a single point of revenue lost if one casino location were to close down. This planned correctly should create more revenue for the state , AC casinos, municipalities, business. No new casino needed.

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