The NJEA doesn’t want you to see this report!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We’re all familiar with the myth, Save Jerseyans: “New Jersey’s public schools are peerless save for a few located in socio-economically challenged areas.” (paraphrasing)

Sorry, but that’s bunk. And now we’ve got another report to prove it.

You NEED to check out “Not As Good as You Think: Why Middle-Class Parents in New Jersey Should Be Concerned About Their Local Public Schools,” a report produced by the Pacific Research Institute analyzing academic performance at 1,170 Garden State public schools.

The result? Plenty of middle class suburban kids aren’t college ready!

“These results should cause middle class New Jersey parents to rethink their views on the quality of their neighborhood public schools, and, consequently, to open their minds to other education options, choices and policy changes that would allow their children to escape underperforming schools and attend better-performing alternatives,” the report’s authors explained.

An appetizer: 30% of 114 New Jersey high schools where at least 80% of kids took the SAT saw roughly half of those SAT-takers post a less-than-college ready score.

There’s more. Read the report and tell me that New Jersey’s public school monopoly – and the union that defends it – is serving our kids’ best interests.


5 thoughts on “The NJEA doesn’t want you to see this report!

  1. People need to realize that we have had the Common Core curriculum since 2010. Christie was one of the first to adopt it and shove it down our throats.The curriculum is nothing more than socialist and globalism indoctrination written by elites and the United Nations. It has been dumbing our kids down in so many ways, through propaganda and elimination of history. Science is nothing more than radical environmentalism and the classics in English have been replaced with reading government documents in many different categories. Math has been set back as well. If you want your kids to have calculus before graduating high school you need to get a tutor. Only a select few will qualify. And the computorized testing that is being done by through the PAARC test is being used as a tool to evaluate teachers and data mine our kids. Under Obama the FERPA laws have been relaxed. There is so much more to really know about common core. If you research it you will understand what is happening to our kids. They are purposely being pidgeon holed and geared toward community colleges as well. Charters are not the answer because they still take taxpayer money but our not accountable to anyone, school boards or parents.

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