Is that where some of Zuckerberg’s money went?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Yes, the $100 million donated by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Newark public school in 2010 was bled away by consultants, waste and corruption. The bureaucratic translation? Initiatives.

Facebook Newark SchoolsI could’ve told him that would happen. Anyone who knows anything about Newark could’ve predicted it. We’re all easy to connect with on Facebook!

In any event, the latest awful revelation out of New Jersey’s largest city sheds new light on the reasons why Zuckerberg’s altruism was doomed from the get-go.

There are approximately 10,444 high school students in Newark. According to a new depressingly eye-opening survey circulated by Superintendent Chris Cerf, 49% of those kids missed 18 or more unexcused days of school last year. Half of the high school population!

5,118 kids.

Do the math. Last year, the taxpayers spent $22,267 per Newark pupil.

5,118 x $22,267 = $113,962,506, or almost $14 million more than Zuckerberg’s gift, on young men and women who aren’t even SHOWING UP before we even ascertain what they’d learn on the days they’re there (hint: not much). All in one year!

#SupportSchoolChoiceNow… and change the school funding formula instead of flushing more money down the toilet and dooming these children to a life of economic absenteeism.


4 thoughts on “Is that where some of Zuckerberg’s money went?

  1. Wonder why you showed THIS picture? Booker misusing Zuckerberg’s money… doubt in my mind. And no need to wonder about Oprah. Guess that was when Newark was presented with the check…appropriate for Gov. Christie to be there. Certainly correct that many of us in NJ knew that the money wouldn’t be used as intended. No shock there

  2. Suck it, “Save Jerseyans.” Suck it hard for as as long as you live in the feculant shithole that used to be called “The Garden State.”

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