Heads up, Trenton: Seattle’s $15 minimum wage erased 10k jobs in 3 months!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Democrats formally rolled out their bone-headed, arbitrary, illogical, ruinous and yes, as Joe Kyrillos pointed out, RADICAL new $15 minimum wage hike plan on Friday, Save Jerseyans. It’d be a stake through the heart of New Jersey’s fragile job market.

Don’t take my word for it.

You need to check out this timely analysis from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) regarding Seattle’s recent $15 experiment. Here’s an excerpt:

Early evidence from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on Seattle’s monthly payroll employment, the number of unemployed workers, and the city’s unemployment rate through December 2015 suggest that since last April when the first minimum wage hike took effect: a) the city’s employment has fallen by more than 11,000, b) the number of unemployed workers has risen by nearly 5,000, and c) the city’s jobless rate has increased by more than 1 percentage point (all based on BLS’s “not seasonally adjusted basis”). Those figures are based on employment data for the city of Seattle only (not the Seattle MSA or MD), and are available from the BLS website here (data are “not seasonally adjusted”). […]”

10,000 jobs in three months…

“Ruinous” isn’t strong enough. Dumpster fire is more appropriate!

cc Trenton legislators…


9 thoughts on “Heads up, Trenton: Seattle’s $15 minimum wage erased 10k jobs in 3 months!

  1. We’ve already seen the elimination of millions of jobs that will never come back due to automation, technology and cheaper labor overseas. Carrier Corp just sent $20 an hour jobs to Mexico where they will pay $3 an hour and then import their goods back to America tax free thanks to NAFTA

  2. Stop blaming “automation, technology and cheap labor overseas” and start blaming big government spending, big government taxes and big government regulation.

    Fucking dummy.

  3. Entry level jobs, training people to be able to adapt and grow. NOT careers, really don’t know anyone that grew up dreaming of working at McDonalds for life. Get paid what you’re worth, learn, advance and get paid more. Not because you’re “entitled”. Can’t get paid just because !

  4. progressive Liberals just go out of their way to prove how stupid they really are – if any of them ever owned a business – were responsible about their employees and did some real work they’d understand that their policies never really work –

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