POLL: Who won Thursday night’s Texas GOP debate?

rubio trump cruz debateBy The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Thursday’s throw-down (!) in Texas was the last major face-to-face candidate event before next week’s “Super Tuesday” contests when 11 states award a grand total of 595 Republican delegates – approximately  25% of the 1,237 needed to clinch the GOP nomination.

Then it’s on to the “winner-take-all” primaries…

Who did themselves the most good in the Lone Star State?

POLL: Who won Thursday night’s GOP debate?

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13 thoughts on “POLL: Who won Thursday night’s Texas GOP debate?

  1. Tonight we got to see the real DJT all soundbites no specifics and constant name calling, I was very disappointed— I thought he would elevate his game, but I wasn’t suprised, It’s not enough to say what people want to hear— you have to back it up with real ideas and plans, its not lets make a deal a with terrorists, He reminds me of that character from the first Die Hard Movie— the Character Harry Ellis tries to get Hans Gruber to make a deal, and then gets his Head shot off, Thats DJT trying to make a deal with terrorists…I wwanted to Like Trump, we need a business man in DC, but he spins more BS than Most Politicans, Hes been treating the election like a game show and its not…Anybody But Trump , he may make money but its not enough in DC and the World.

  2. I love kasich but I don’t think he will win and whether or not you agree trump may say what He wants but He is very very intelligent and will do good for this country as he said he is a good negotiator you don’t become a good business man without knowing people and making great deals

  3. For substance, focus, detail and calm under pressure, I give it to Cruz. Second place goes to both Rubio and Kasich – a little too overeager at times, but reasonably solid. Carson gets props for the best line of the night (“Will someone please insult me?”) And I think this was Trump’s weakest debate.
    Maybe the format has to go. Whether there are a dozen or only five on the stage, they just cannot keep it under control. Allowing issues to be dragged off into a tangent because “my name has been invoked” was a big misbegotten allowance that’s had a negative impact on every debate.

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