#BlackLivesMatter in Trenton until they start asking questions

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

If you missed the arrest of the director of South Jersey National Action Network Steven L. Young during a recess of yesterday’s Atlantic City takeover hearing, Save Jerseyans, then you should consider watching below.


This is how Trenton’s rulers deal with dissent:

Director of South Jersey National Action Network was just arrested for speaking out against the Atlantic City takeover. The violence of the system becomes apparent as we can see someone is arrested for speaking truth to power.Update: They silenced Steven Young's voice by locking him up. We can make his voice louder by calling NJ Assembly Speaker Prieto at 866-696-8249 and telling him to stop the take over bill. The Speaker has the power to stop this from moving forward and he needs to hear from all of us.

Posted by Jim Walsh on Thursday, March 10, 2016

The arrest came after Young reportedly refused to stand down during his spirited (and well-received by the audience) testimony on S-1711 before the Democrat-controlled Budget & Appropriations Committee.

Ominously, earlier in the day, Mayor Don Guardian had told a radio program that he was willing to go to jail to help stop the planned takeover of his city. So yes, we might see more civil disobedience before all of his is over.

Community activists aren’t the only ones voicing serious concerns.

“There are many reasons why I could not support this legislation, but there are two fundamental problems with the bill. Firstly, the State takeovers of Jersey City, Newark, Paterson, and Camden public schools have not yielded successful results or outcomes,” opined Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11), the committee’s sole NAY vote. “I remain unconvinced that this legislation is needed to overhaul Atlantic City’s government. As Atlantic City Mayor Guardian alluded to today, the State already has broad powers to champion meaningful reforms for the city.”

Do residents outside of A.C. also need to worry about this bill? For reasons beyond the final price tag?

Quite possibly.

“Additionally, this vaguely-worded legislation could apply to any municipality in New Jersey, not just Atlantic City. This is concerning to me since Freehold Borough and Oceanport have property tax bases that rely heavily on horse-racing venues – Freehold Raceway and Monmouth Park, respectively,” she continued. “If either municipality were to lose these ratables, they would likely qualify for a State takeover as the legislation is currently written. I take my responsibility to advocate for my district and community seriously, and cannot in good conscience support this incredibly broad legislation.”

Has A.C. been well-managed? Of course not. This resort city of 45,000 boasts a budget of approximately $200 million when Evesham Township, about an hour away, spends less than a 1/6th of that amount on its 47,000 residents. But as Jenn Beck correctly noted, our Democrat overlords (and GOP collaborators) have a POOR track record of helping our society’s most vulnerable populations.

Why should Steven Young or anyone else just take it on faith that this time will be different?

And why should they be arrested for standing up and demanding answers to tough questions?

Democrats yet again prove to be anything but democratic in New Jersey…


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  1. R00ney concludes: “Democrats yet again prove to be anything but democratic in New Jersey…”

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