RESULTS: Christie plays Trump’s wingman for Super Tuesday victory speech

christie trumpBy Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

After winning Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia and likely more states before the night is out on Super Tuesday 2016, Save Jerseyans, the one and only Donald Trump took to the podium at Mar-a-Lago to put bad steaks and university schemes in the rear view mirror and strike a presidential pose… with America’s most recognizable sitting governor – Chris Christie – at his right hand to presumably add some legitimacy to his all-out assault on the Republican Party.

Note the lack of a smile….

In any event: How are the other candidates performing?

  • Ted Cruz is having a much stronger night with big wins in his home state of Texas and neighboring Oklahoma. Better.
  • John Kasich is threatening Trump in Vermont but playing spoiler elsewhere. Not sure it makes him any more or less likely to do what he needs to do in the Midwest.
  • Ben Carson? Not on the map. Shocker!

Delegate count right now (10:15-ish on Tuesday night)? Trump 294, Cruz 201, Rubio 84, Kasich 27, and Carson 7.



5 thoughts on “RESULTS: Christie plays Trump’s wingman for Super Tuesday victory speech

  1. Christie makes me sick — he looks like a toy soldier next to Trump. He really is a lap dog, I feel so sorry for his family he is such an embarrassment.

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