Carroll to Rubio supporters: “Cruz is your guy”

Carroll to Rubio supporters: “Cruz is your guy”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Ted Cruz‘s only New Jersey legislative endorser (to my knowledge) is conservative stalwart Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25), Save Jerseyans, who also just happens to be one of the more articulate members of that august body, so I reached out to the Assemblyman on Wednesday to get his thoughts on a specific question:

Why Rubio supporters should consider migrating to the Cruz Camp after Tuesday’s dramatic primary results.

After all – New Jersey’s 11th hour primary might actually matter this year.

Michael Patrick Carroll
Michael Patrick Carroll

Here’s what he told me:

If you think Donald Trump’s philosophy and bearing best suit the GOP and would bring victory over Hillary Clinton, act accordingly. If you want someone with governmental experience, an actual, proven record, and a chance at both the nomination and victory in November, Cruz is your guy.

And remember: we conservatives are always looking to find an excuse NOT to vote for someone. That’s counterproductive. As Ed Koch used to say, if you agree with a guy 60% of the time, vote for him. If you agree with him 100% of the time, seek professional help.

All of us can find reasons to oppose Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. But they are, now, the only two practicable choices. One will almost certainly be our nominee. Either is head and shoulders better than Hillary Clinton.

I am pretty certain I know where Ted Cruz stands, and I like most of what I see. I like what I see of his record more than I like that of Donald Trump. If you agree, vote for and support Ted Cruz.”

Marco Rubio himself may be very close to backing Cruz, reportedly telling a group of supporters that Cruz was “the only conservative left in the race” post-Tuesday.


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  1. Paraphrasing Trump on foreign policy advisors-I talk to myself. I have a great brain and I’ve said a lot of things. Just say that out loud to yourself. Says in 2000, he predicted Osama Bin Ladins involvement in a terrorist attack on the US. That was predicted in 1999 – on the air – by someone else . Yeah, go Trump. Hillary in the White House will be due to Trump supporters. Remember that.

  2. Prepare ye the way for Hillary this November.

    My advice? Move to PA. Purchase guns and ammo…LOTS of guns and ammo.

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