Carroll formally weighs in for Cruz

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Michael Patrick Carroll
Michael Patrick Carroll

His social media followers won’t be surprised, but conservative New Jersey Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25) formally endorsed presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Monday.

“Ted Cruz brings a better understanding of the land and of the judiciary than any President in history,” Carroll explained in a campaign press release. “He understands that the Courts exist to apply the law as the people, or the Legislature, give it to them, not to make it up as they go along. Unlike President Obama, who appointed politicians to the bench, to rule by decree, President Cruz will appoint judges, like Justice Scalia, who understand the appropriate role of the judiciary.”

Cruz rolled out a New Jersey leadership team back in December led by former Bogota Mayor Steven Lonegan, a perennial candidate for high office and ex-leader of Americans for Prosperity’s New Jersey branch.

“I am proud to have the support of Mike Carroll,” Cruz added. “Mike is indicative of the caliber of leaders who are joining our campaign nationwide. A solid consistent conservative who understands and defends the Constitution and our conservative principles.”

Weekend victories have helped the Texas Senator pull into second place behind Donald Trump in the overall delegate count but his path through the upcoming Northern primaries in states like Ohio and Michigan remains uncertain.


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