Cruzing for a bruising? Texas Senator topples Trump in Kansas, Maine

21 thoughts on “Cruzing for a bruising? Texas Senator topples Trump in Kansas, Maine

  1. Rubio is dead in the water and The Donald’s nose is bleeding.

    Suddenly you shitheads are all excited about Cruz? Where the fuck were you for the past 6 months?

  2. God is Great, God has delivered his final judgement, now ! ! **–** Ted Cruz, was simply Great tonight and winning all hands down ! ! ** — ** Hearty Congratulations to our President Ted Cruz, your hard work and sincerity is paying off. **–** Now is the time to Rise America, rise for the only true conservative candidate who is very stable, knows his ways around to get things done and can not only beat Trump but Hillary too ! ! *************************************************************************************–** No one man has the solution to all our problems and it will take a Team of experts to rise to get united to help lead our President towards prosperity, it will be a daunting task to Save America ! !
    If not we, Who will protect it for our future generations from traitors from within trying to destroy us from within ! !
    Thanks to you God for making us # 1
    Yes, He is our only hope! ! ! !
    Ted Cruz for President of America,
    Rising Tide Lifts All.
    Ted Cruz 2016
    Ted Cruz 2016 PS: I.m glad too for our team of four, who have been working 24/7 to help promote our President Ted Cruz 2016
    American Patriotic Party.

  3. I want to like Trump but listening to him for 4 years would be painful- he is pathological – we can be pissed at DC but cutting off our nose to spite our face isn’t the way to change America- he is so full of shit / he is a real political more than anyone in politics today– he flip flops with every word out of his mouth – just listen to his Words with your head not your emotion – Trump is a great actor and we can’t be fooled by his BS

  4. People keep saying Cruz is part of the establishment, but he isn’t. His colleagues can’t stand him because he doesn’t do what they want. He is the only candidate with a proven record of supporting the constitution.

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