POLL: Who won the Detroit GOP Debate?

POLL: Who won the Detroit GOP Debate?

ElephantsBy The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Super Tuesday is over.

Millions have already cast their votes.

The final sprint is underway…


Who won the GOP’s Detroit Debate?

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14 thoughts on “POLL: Who won the Detroit GOP Debate?

  1. Rubio, along side with Cruz, were able to finally discredit DJT. Seeing the Don fumble for his words while the crowd anxiously waited was a first. His mannerisms were transperent and I think he crumbled before the structured questions. Kassich appealed to crowd and it was received like a breathe of fresh air. It was awesome
    But i think the win tonight was successfully exposing Trump for the corrupt man he is

  2. Seeing as Rubio, Cruz, Trump and Kassich firmly stated that they will Support whoever is the Republican Presidential Nominee for President, will our illustrious innovator of The Save NJ Blog follow suite? Hard to tell but for someone who throws around the term RINO so much it may be time to take a hard look in the mirror.

  3. LOL! Sure he did, Robbo…if winning “hands down” is defined as “getting the shit kicked out of you on national television by Ted Cruz.”

  4. You are a GOPe D0pe, Bobbo. You deserve to spend the rest of your days in a dying state the likes you helped to create.

  5. Gee, Matt…not one word about Mittens Romney’s diatribe in Utah or why this latter-day Rockefeller didn’t expend a tenth of yesterday’s piss and vinegar during his campaign in 2012?

    Are you not the least bit curious to explore why Mittens did nothing more than attack Trump and said not one word about a viable alternative?

    Or were you too busy sucking your thumb?

    Do tell.

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