POLL: Who won the Miami GOP Debate?

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Donald TrumpDonald Trump and Ted Cruz are jockeying to front runner status as the GOP primary process enters its winner-take-all phase.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are fighting for survival in their home states – Florida and Ohio, respectively – this upcoming Tuesday.

In fact, Tuesday could decide the likelihood of a ‘brokered’ Cleveland convention or an outright win for the Donald.

Who did what they needed to do tonight in Miami?

POLL: Who won the Miami GOP Debate?

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18 thoughts on “POLL: Who won the Miami GOP Debate?

  1. Ted Cruz is a Scam!! He will Bring in the New World Order, him and his Asshole Wife !!!! Vote TRUMP and SAVE America from her Doommmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m a Trump Voter and I’m not Low Informed about the World at all. That is Why I’m Voting for TRUMP … He Will put an End to this New World Order … FAST!!! Bush Family is all about the New World Order… Cruz did the Count in Florida for GWB that gave him the White House… This is the Truth and you can look it up for yourself don’t take my word… A Vote for Cruz is a Vote for the New World Order.. NO Borders to Mexico & Canada. every thing will be open… The New World Order !!!! We will all loose!!! Vote for Trump Please, I Want My Country Back !! How About You??? Just Found Out Chuck Norris is Backing Cruz and agrees with the NEW World Order too , He has gone Mad. They must be paying him a lot of $$$$$$$…..

  2. Trump will bring about the end of the United States as we know it, civil and world war shall break out but the butt plug in so deep in trumpbots ears that they can’t see past their noses from the truth wake up America vote Libertarian for real freedoms Gary Johnson 2016.

  3. “And we’ve seen for seven years a president Obama, that has made the presidency and has made sadly his administration a laughing stock in the world.” **–** Congratulations Ted Cruz, you were very Presidential, upto the point and offered solutions. No wonder we need you to lead America. This was the very first descent respectful debate with issues and no monkey business ! ! No doubt the moderators were all very Professional. **–** Sen. Mike Lee, thanks for rising to get united behind our only conservative candidate Ted Cruz. **–** Carly has far more class than most other candidates for President, a step in the right direction, besides we need her as VP ! !
    **–** Bravo Carly, I knew it, you were a hidden Gem, believed in you, indeed a noble gesture of good will, we definitely need you as our VP to add Beauty and Grace. Go stand by him on the stage. Rising tides lifts all ! ! God bless America. Amen. History in the making. Ted Cruz for President of America,
    Rising Tide Lifts All.
    Ted Cruz 2016 https://youtu.be/tBRD7QZ2Tw4
    Ted Cruz 2016 https://youtu.be/eYGjBI31h28 PS: I.m glad, for our team of four, who have been working 24/7 to help promote our future President Ted Cruz 2016
    A.P.P. American Patriotic Party.

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