Bernie Sanders: America’s Leading Tax Hypocrite

By Alyssa LaFage | The Save Jersey Blog

If I kept a list of the astonishingly asinine liberal/socialist hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders, Save Jerseyans, I would be writing for days.

The self-described Democratic Socialist has advocated for taxes as high as 90% but like most lefties, his demands are always contingent on a “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy.

Case in point: turns out Mister Class Warrior only pays a 13.5% tax rate on over $200,000 in household income.

From Yahoo Finance:

With a family income of roughly $205,000 in 2014, Sanders and his wife Jane, who file their taxes jointly, are in the 28% tax bracket. But they claim deductions that lower their tax rate as a percentage of their adjusted gross income to 13.5%. The average filer, with an income of $65,021, pays an effective rate of 14.7%, according to the IRS.”

[Emphasis added.]

Imagine that: Bernie pays less in taxes than the average filer with income less than his.

How did this happen? Did the Internal Revenue Service reject Bernie’s valiant attempts at paying his fair share, aka a 90% rate?

Not likely.

What actually occurred is Bernie and his wife took advantage of tax deductions ($60k worth of deductions, to be specific) in order to avoid paying higher taxes.

It is worth noting that Mitt Romney was widely and brutally chastised during his presidential campaign for having paid only 14%.

So a few questions remain for Bernie supporters:

If taxes are supposed to be an absolute force for the public good, and the rich should undoubtedly pay more, then why didn’t Sanders pay more on his own accord?

Why didn’t he opt not to take deductions?

Why didn’t he pay 50% or even 90% for the greater good?

We know the answer. Because Bernie is a hypocrite and like all elitist, socialist, left wing demagogue wannabe-types, the rules never apply to the rule maker.

When push comes to shove Bernie’s blatant hypocrisy won’t make a difference to his supporters. After all, 2/3rds of Bernie supporters aren’t willing to pay for the “free” stuff their comrade is promising.