Report: Pallone is holding up animal safety measure over grudge with Booker

By Art Gallagher |

booker pallone
Booker (left), Pallone (right), and Pallone’s dog (center, via the Hill)

Congressman Frank Pallone is holding up the passage of a legislation that would update the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) by objecting to language inserted in the Senate version of the bill by Senator Cory Booker that would restrict the use of animals in testing the health risks of chemicals, according to a report today on Politico.

Pallone’s resistance to the language surprised many on the Hill because he has traditionally been a reliable supporter of animal safety legislation. 39 House Democrats wrote to Pallone on Friday asking him to accept the Senate version of the animal safety which he is currently holding up in a conference committee.  A copy of the letter to Pallone from his colleagues can be downloaded here.

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