Christie vetoes five bills including DV-related gun control legislation

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie signed one bill and vetoes five others, Save Jerseyans, including a new gun control bill pertaining to act of domestic violence.

Christie at desk signing budget“… [t]his bill contains redundant restrictions on firearms ownership while ignoring the larger problem of domestic violence, which in most cases does not involve a firearm,” Christie explained in his conditional veto statement. “Because of this attenuated approach, I cannot sign this bill in its present form. Instead, as I did last session, I am recommending a comprehensive plan to combat domestic violence, focusing on deterring and punishing abusers and protecting victims instead of limiting just one instrument of violence (which the law already restricts).”

The vetoed measure was previously vetoed in a virtually identical form, and it is largely a redundant restatement of New Jersey’s current laws pertaining to the forfeiture of firearms by those accused of committing acts of domestic violence. Back in April, the Christie Administration moved to expedite domestic violence victims’ ability to obtain gun permits.

Christie did sign one measure into law establishing an 11-member task force which will investigate services for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

“This new law will protect our most-vulnerable residents by offering real solutions to prevent evolving forms of abuse, neglect, fraud and exploitation,” Governor Christie added. “It guarantees and affirms a commitment to our core mission to promote the health, wellness and safety of the elderly and individuals with disabilities.”

A full list of the bills vetoed – along with veto/CV statements – is below the fold:

S-601/A-889 (Cunningham, Vitale, Singer/Muoio, Spencer, Sumter, Holley, Oliver, McKnight, Tucker) – CONDITIONAL – Revises treatment requirements for convicted drug offenders receiving general assistance benefits under Work First New Jersey program [Click here]

S-708/A-2184 (Gordon, Weinberg/Vainieri Huttle, Wisniewski, Lagana, Eustace, Handlin) – CONDITIONAL – Provides transparency and accountability reforms at PANYNJ; modifies governance structure; provides legislative oversight of PANYNJ; and regulates capital planning process [Click here]

S-805/A-1211 (Weinberg, Gill, Cruz-Perez/Mosquera, Greenwald, Lagana, Benson, Lampitt, Vainieri Huttle, Danielsen, Sumter) – CONDITIONAL – Revises certain laws concerning domestic violence and firearms [Click here]

S-969/A-780 (Smith, Bateman/Andrzejczak, McKeon, Spencer, Pintor Marin, Dancer, Vainieri Huttle, Houghtaling) – CONDITIONAL – Implements 2014 constitutional dedication of CBT revenues for certain environmental purposes; revises State’s open space, farmland, and historic preservation programs [Click here]

S-996/A-1378 (Rice, Van Drew, Turner/Spencer, Muoio, Benson, Pintor Marin, Quijano, Schaer) – CONDITIONAL – Makes FY 2016 supplemental Grants-in-Aid appropriation of $10 million to DCA for Lead Hazard Control Assistance Fund [Click here]