First Democrat declares for 2017 N.J. gubernatorial race

phil murphyBy The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

His Super PAC has been bashing Chris Christie and laying the groundwork for a 2017 Democrat gubernatorial primary bid for months now, Save Jerseyans, but on Monday, Goldman Sachs alum and Jon Corzine clone Phil Murphy became the first Dem to formally announce a campaign.

“I’m taking the unusual step of announcing my candidacy for Governor a year ahead of the election because New Jersey’s challenges can’t wait,” Murphy declared via his Facebook page. “This campaign is not going to be politics as usual. It starts with New Jerseyans — not me. That’s why I’m asking you to be a part of this from Day One.”

The well-heeled ultra-liberal will likely compete with at least two other Democrats – Senate President Steve Sweeney and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop – for the right to succeed Chris Christie. On the Republican side, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno remains the early frontrunner for the nomination. 


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  1. Wearing my shocked face. His obnoxious commercials on CNBC always make me tune out as they’re on heavy rotation. Only in generations-long machine-democrat NJ can a machine democrat candidate run on a slogan of “a new way”. But, NJ voters will vote for him.

  2. Repeat after me all you Corzine drones: He’s a businessman.. He’s a businessman.. He’s a businessman.. He’s a businessman.. Why don’t you put down your cell phones, stop being self absorbed and LISTEN to what he is saying. He offers nothing new. More of the same. There is NO THIRD WAY. We either make real hard choices, to reign in runaway government or live in a bankrupt nanny state.

  3. Phil Murphy spent most of last 20 years in Europe watching liberal economic and immigration policies destroy that continent. He made gajillions at Goldman Sachs, was part of disaster that is the Obama State Department, moved back to a Rumson mansion for a few years, and now he tells us he’s for working families and that he “has our backs”? Please stop patronizing us Phil.

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