Confirmed: New Jersey’s roads DO cost $2 million per mile

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

When the Reason Foundation’s Highway Report pegged the cost of building, maintaining and operating New Jersey’s roads at approximately $2 million — far and away the most expensive rate in the nation — critics attacked the report as inaccurate.

The leader of the chorus? Now former NJ DOT Commissioner Jamie Fox, recently charged with conspiracy.

Now we have the truth from the horse’s own mouth.

gas-pumpOn Friday, Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26) and Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-13) received confirmation by way of a March 20, 2015 letter in which Commissioner Fox acknowledged “…the cost per center line mile is $925,704 per mile.”

If you include debt service?

New Jersey’s per mile road costs come in around $2 million.

The letter from Fox to legislators was obtained by Americans for Prosperity through an open public records request, and it comes on the same day that Senate Democrats advanced yet another TTF proposal carrying a 23-cent gas tax increase.

The new plan does NOT address drivers of road costs.

“Commissioner Fox’s letter is a smoking gun which puts to rest any notion that New Jersey does not have an enormous, out-of-control transportation spending problem,” said AFP spokesman Mike Proto. “Lawmakers supporting this 23 cent per gallon gas tax hike, and debt-fueled $2 billion a year TTF spending plan, owe taxpayers answers and solutions, not more excuses. AFP once again calls on lawmakers to come together to address our transportation spending problem by making the structural reforms needed to ensure our transportation dollars are being spent prudently and efficiently.”   

Apology not accepted.