SuperPAC Targets Booker, Hillary’s Other Potential VP Picks

By Alyssa LaFage | The Save Jersey Blog

hillary veepI’m beaming in anticipation, Save Jerseyans!

It is expected that, within the next week or so, Hillary Clinton will announce her vice presidential pick. Who shall the Queen of the Left bestow this great honor upon?

GOP opposition research-centric super PAC America Rising has compiled a list of six potential Democrat running mates. They’ve wasted no time digging into their careers, detailing what they believe each person’s potential flaws would be.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D-Twitter) is on the list and while the criticism of him is pretty scathing, America Rising is spot on — in my humble opinion. They refer to him as ineffective, reflexive, partisan, and an opportunist. Yikes!

You can read their entire assessment of Booker below; it’s spot-on:

Ineffective Politician: Sen. Cory Booker has not proven to be an effective lawmaker. In fact, it appears that Booker is a more active selfie-taker than legislator. Out of the 45 bills he has introduced in the Senate, only 2 have become law. Despite running on a promise to lower the crime rate as mayor of Newark, NJ, by the time Booker left office, the number of violent crimes and killings were both higher than when he took office. Newark’s murder rate was third in the country, only behind Detroit and New Orleans.

cory bookerFailed Newark Mayor: Booker failed to deliver on his promise of improving Newark’s economy. Booker consistently proposed property tax increases, and the city’s unemployment nearly doubled over the course of his tenure.

Reflexive Partisan: As a U.S. Senator, Booker has voted down the Democratic Party line 99.6 percent of the time.

Political Opportunist: Booker has often been criticized for being all talk and no action, and that his tenure as mayor of Newark was only a stepping stone to federal office. Many Newark residents have complained that Booker was more concerned about career ambitions rather than running the city. In addition, fellow Democrats were angered when Booker prematurely declared his run for Senate.

Totally At Odds With Clinton On Education: Booker has been a strong proponent of education reform proposals backing charter schools, vouchers, and merit pay for teachers. Clinton has flip-flopped in her support for charter schools and is supported by teachers unions who oppose many of Booker’s reforms.

The other potential Veeps listed on the site include Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Labor Secretary Tom Perez, HUD Secretary Julian Castro, and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown.