Monmouth Poll: “Unprecedented” number of Americans hate Clinton and Trump

Monmouth Poll: “Unprecedented” number of Americans hate Clinton and Trump

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

When Save Jersey‘s Matt Rooney wrote about America hating 2016 earlier this summer, Save Jerseyans, he wasn’t kidding.

That opinion also seems to be solidifying as Labor Day — the unofficial end of summer — rapidly draws near.

On Monday, the New Jersey-based Monmouth University Polling Institute released its latest national results which lean Hillary but highlight the weaknesses of both major party candidates.

rushmore trump clinton“The number of voters who cannot bring themselves to voice a positive opinion of either presidential nominee is more than three times higher than in any other election in recent memory.  This is unprecedented,” explained Patrick Murray, Monmouth’s revered pollster-in-chief.

The numbers: 46% of likely voters back Clinton as opposed to 39% supporting Trump (Libertarian Gary Johnson snatches 7% while Green Jill Stein nabs 2%).  Support among all registered voters? 43% Clinton, 36% Trump, 8% Johnson, and 2% Stein.  That’s a slight improvement for Trump (Clinton led 50% to 37% among likely voters and 46% to 34% among registered voters after the DNC).

Actual likability? 34% view Clinton favorably while 51% do not.  Just 26% like Trump and 57%… not so much.

That means only 2% of those polled hold a favorable opinion of both candidates.

Since 1984, that ugly statistic has never dipped lower than 5%; it reached as high as 19% in 2000 when George W. Bush and Al Gore faced off.

It’s a race to the bottom….