New Jersey’s Gas Tax Hike Scam: By the Numbers

As Trenton prepares to sell us all down the river with yet another tax hike, Save Jerseyans, it’s time to cut through the rhetoric and look at the hard, cold, objective numbers beyond this betrayal.

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And use the facts. Read’em and weep (and then share with your friends/family/legislators):


calculator GAS TAX hike14.5 –> New Jersey’s current gas tax (in cents)

23 –> The number of cents your current gas tax will rise

37.5 –> New Jersey’s soon-to-be new gas tax

158.6 –> The proposed percentage (%) increase

30.29 –> The national gasoline (volume-weighted) average gas tax

49 –> New Jersey’s current national gas tax rank

7 –> New Jersey’s gas tax rank AFTER this week’s proposed hike becomes law

170 –> How many dollars, per year, the gas tax will directly cost N.J. drivers

0.375 –> The percentage (%) sales tax cut you’re promised (!) by 2018.

45,350 –> The amount of dollars you’d need to spend annually on taxable purchases to benefit from offsetting tax cuts

Unknown –> How much increases in fuel costs will drive inflation for consumers

4 –> Percentage (%) of New Jerseyans who will benefit from the estate tax phase-out

1,000 –> What the average New Jersey’s net tax dollar annual increase will be from this ‘tax fairness deal’

2.1 million –> How much New Jersey spends, per mile, on its roads (confirmed!).

12 billion –> The dollar increase in bonding capacity

20.6 billion –> In new debt service!

3 -> The number of times GREATER (or ‘triple’) New Jersey’s road costs are than the next closest state

gas0 –> The number of spending cuts contained in this ‘tax fairness’ plan

0 –> The number of cost-driving reforms contained in this ‘tax fairness’ plan

0 –> The percentage (%) reduction in debt-driving transportation bonding/borrowing

0 –> Percentage (%) chance our next governor won’t renege on current tax cuts

0 –> Number of vulnerable legislative Democrats who will have to vote “YEA” on the increase because Republican legislators are supplying votes/political cover for them

1 –> New Jersey’s overall rank as America’s most-taxed state