Christie rejects A.C. plan, paves way for likely state takeover

atlantic cityWas this the plan all along, Save Jerseyans?

Some observers would say ‘absolutely,’ but on Tuesday afternoon, the Christie Administration surprised no one when it announced that its intention to reject Atlantic City’s proposed five-year financial plan.

There was no immediate word as to whether an anticipated state takeover of the financially-challenged city would be initiated.

“If the state rejects this plan, it must come up with a better one, which is doubtful considering the state’s awful track record with municipal takeovers, including Camden’s,” the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s editorial board declared earlier Tuesday in a post endorsing the city’s plan. “If Christie kills this plan, he will also have to explain to New Jersey taxpayers why he is putting them on the hook for a $100 million budget hole that local officials say they cannot fill.”

Legislation signed back in May opened the door to a takeover, the form of which, as the Inky suggests, is unknown to everyone except the Trenton power elite.

The move by Governor Christie comes as voters are expected to reject an Administration-backed ballot question to expand gaming outside of the resort next Tuesday…..