WIKILEAKS: More possible evidence Phil Murphy was running with his 501(c)(4)?

501(c)(4) organizations CANNOT be primarily intended as a precursor to a political campaign, Save Jerseyans.

That’s why some eyebrows were raised when last month, as reported here at Save Jersey, Wikileaks emails surfaced between presumptive N.J. Democrat gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy (a.k.a. Corzine 2.0) and Clinton creature John Podesta discussing a possible 2017 run for office.

Murphy has only recently launched a 501(c)(4) organization called ‘New Start New Jersey’ which was purportedly “focused completely and utterly on strengthening New Jersey’s middle class, and expanding it.”

Now we’ve got a NEW email out today which should raise additional red flags.

podesta-murphy-wikileaksThe newly-released October 2014 Wikileaks email chain (view it here) is between Podesta and none other than Cheryl Mills, a veteran member of the “Hillaryland” group of core Clinton advisers.

What about Phil Murphy for your role ?” Mills asks Podesta in the subject line, followed up by ‘cdm’ (her initials? or ‘couldn’t disagree more’?) in the email’s body.

Running for Governor,” Podesta replied matter-of-factly.

What ‘role’ isn’t immediately clear since Podesta wears many hats. Podesta left the White House in early February after these emails were sent.

What is clear? The Mills-Podesta emails were exchanged mere months after Murphy confessed tentative plans to run to Podesta, and explained in writing how his new org could help get his name out there, but a full two years before Murphy formally announced.

The timeline is, at the very least, very unflattering for the Democrat’s new standard bearer.

I said it back on October 20th, and it’s even more imperative today in the context of a renewed Clinton FBI probe… 

The appropriate authorities MUST examine whether the possible next governor of New Jersey was misusing his ‘social welfare’ organization — a tax-exempt non-profit — to prepare a gubernatorial run all while denying he was doing so.

John and Jane Taxpayer need to demand an answer.

Unlike with an ordinary political action committee, voters don’t know who’s donating to this thing unless Murphy comes clean and tells us.

The reason should be obvious to anyone stuck paying taxes/bills in this state. New Jersey can’t afford a repeat of this national presidential nightmare wherein Americans are asked to guess about an FBI investigation’s findings mere days before a General Election. We need clarification, and full explanations, well in advance of Election Day 2017. Our state’s reputation can’t take another hit, and we can’t elect another governor without a full vetting.