North Jersey Dems rally around Corzine 2.0?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Remember this name: Phil Murphy.

He’s a former Goldman Sachs executive and ambassador with money to burn and, judging by the star-studded nature of his non-profit’s roll-out on Monday (featuring everyone from Jon Bon Jovi to former Gov. Kean), you can bet he has designs on “fixing” the fiscally-challenged Garden State. They always do.

Where have we heard this before, Save Jerseyans… hmmm…

muprhy corzineJust substitute the ambassador resume line with “senator” and boom, same dude! Brothers from another mother. You can mentally throw in a beard and sweater vest, too, if you need the visual aid. One wonders why can’t these financial sector “wizards” go pick on Connecticut. That’s our cross to bear, I suppose, for living in NYC’s shadow.

The important thing to note for now, from a political perspective, is where Murphy (a/k/a Corzine 2.0) attracts a following. Look at the politicians in attendance: state Sen. Loretta Weinberg. Asm. Joe Cryan. Rep. Rush Holt. Bonnie Watson Coleman. Brendan Byrne. And a host of North Jersey labor leaders and liberal operatives.

Mostly political players who may’ve done business with the South Jersey Norcross Machine at one point or another but don’t particularly love the idea of a Norcross-sponsored governor? Like Sweeney or Greenwald?

The South Jersey delegation didn’t show. Maybe North Jersey thinks this guy would put up a better fight – and stand a better chance of uniting the North – than Steven Fulop?

FYI – Senate President Sweeney spent his first full post-election week focusing on a new “plan” for Atlantic City.

Me? I’m torn. Would I be happier to see the somewhat more-moderate South Jersey machine Democrat take over my state? Or another assuredly far-left North Jersey elite who made most of his money somewhere else? Different ends of an identical crap sandwich? Likely.


7 thoughts on “North Jersey Dems rally around Corzine 2.0?

  1. The past is a dismal prolog to the future. Jon Corzine/ Phil Murphy/Goldman Sachs = The far Right Wing Globalist Bilderberg organization. Back in the day when I worked as a Volunteer for the Corzine machine in the primary race against Jim Florio, I had that Epiphany revelation of just who Jon Corzine et al were. I dropped out shortly after that, abd started a web site called The Corzine Connection( which title they ultimately stole for their own purpose) outlining Corzine’s poster boy status in the Bilderberg Organization and Chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee in the US.

    The rest is history for Senator from Bilderberg. And what of Murphy? What do you think?

  2. Infamous John Corzine is arguably one of the best criminals of all time. You can’t touch him.

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