ELECTION 2017: Flanked by Giant Reptiles, Gubernatorial Hopeful Rullo Promises to ‘Drain Swamp’ in Trenton

Online activist Joseph Rudy Rullo doesn’t have Donald Trump’s bank account or name recognition, Save Jerseyans, but he shares the President-elect’s penchant for social media sparring, populist Facebook/Twitter rants and ad hominem attacks.

He’s also running an unapologetically unorthodox 2017 Republican gubernatorial primary campaign utilizing frequent social media-amplified videos which star the candidate — at local events, gas stations and the living room couch — opining on a variety of public interest topics ranging from the gas tax to his opponents’ support (or lack thereof) for Trump.

On Wednesday, Rullo dropped a video from his most unique location yet: an alligator pit….

“Like you, I’m sick and tried of being number one in all the wrong things. We need to drain the swamp in Trenton. We can do this,” exclaims the Republican candidate for governor before a man emerges from the alligator-infested waters behind him holding a drain plug.

‘Drain the swamp’ was a frequent battle cry of Trump backers during the 2016 election, one which Rullo evidently plans to co-opt for his own race against the establishment.

Rullo regularly advertises himself as an actor among other roles; his website features shorts from a handful of what appear to be homemade movie-quality shorts….

Rullo is one of three candidates formally in the GOP race; Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli and Nutley Township Commissioner Steven L. Rogers have already announced Republican candidacies of their own.

Other possible candidates include Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, Assembly GOP Leader Jon Bramnick, Evesham Mayor Randy Brown, State Senator Michael Doherty, and veteran SNL comedian Joe Piscopo.