N.J. Senator Demands Investigation Into Planned Parenthood’s Alleged Baby Body Part Scam

Pennacchio Abortion
Sen. Joe Pennacchio touts Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on December 5, 2016. (Photo credit: SenateNJ.com)

In the wake of a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee recommendation for a formal criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood and certain affiliated organizations, America’s leading abortion provider, over the alleged sale of baby body parts, state Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-Morris) called on New Jersey’s Attorney General to launch an independent investigation.

“We cannot stand by as agencies such as Planned Parenthood, who boldly claim to be advocating for women and families, secretly profit from the illegal sale of baby body parts,” Senator Pennacchio said in a statement. “In light of the horrific evidence uncovered by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and their referral for a criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood, I am once again urging the State Attorney General not to turn a blind eye to the disturbing possibility that serious crimes against humanity could be occurring right here in New Jersey.”

You can check out the Senate’s report HERE.

The report discusses legal agreements, made between Biotech companies and Planned Parenthood, to supply “human kidneys, livers, hearts lungs, pancreases, bone marrows, corneas, eyes, organs or any subpart thereof” from aborted children.

Senator Pennacchio is the sponsor of S-1538, legislation to close a loophole whereby organizations like Planned Parenthood allegedly law, charging money for the preparation and transportation of fetal organs.

“The State should not tolerate Planned Parenthood’s unconscionable practice of hiding behind ‘processing fees’ as a way to break the law,” Senator Pennacchio added. “I have repeatedly called on the legislature to take a hard look at laws that prohibit organizations from making money off the sale of baby body parts. How much more evidence is needed before we finally take a stand and outlaw this practice once and for all?”