OOPS: Liberal Hero Booker Slights Sanders, Sides with His ‘Big Pharma’ Donors

Liberal populism is cute, and fun, and tweetable until reality inevitably sets in, Save Jerseyans.

And the Pharmaceutical industry starts cutting checks.

You may not know this but, earlier this week, our old friend U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-Twitter) took a ton of heat from liberal media (click here and here for examples) after he voted against a Bernie Sanders-backed amendment designed “[t]o establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to lower prescription drug prices for Americans by importing drugs from Canada.”

Booker was among 13 Democrat defectors in the closely-divided chamber.

The measure failed 52-46 on Wednesday. Senator Sanders is reportedly furious with Booker and the other defectors.

Bob Menendez joined his junior college in voting against the amendment but Menendez isn’t trying to win a 2020 presidential primary (he’ll be content to avoid going to prison).

We’re living in interesting time; the pair’s votes put the N.J. Democrats in opposition to President-elect Donald Trump who sent Big Pharma’s stocks into a slide this week after insisting that the industry held too much power in Washington.

Whether you agree with the amendment or not, folks (reimportation of prescription drugs isn’t a policy that’s universally popular even in conservative circles), the ‘power’ question is undeniable: Cory Booker has raked in $442,678 from the U.S. pharmaceuticals industry since 2013.

All that’s important for the purposes of this post?

Cory Booker is working to go national, so anyone assigning seriousness to his quest needs to visit our 18-page archive on the former Newark Mayor and learn, before it’s too late, that the man (and everything he says) is as fraudulent as his imaginary friend, T-Bone.