FDU POLL: Most N.J. Democrats Disapprove of Their Own Democrat Legislature

FDU POLL: Most N.J. Democrats Disapprove of Their Own Democrat Legislature

The fact that Chris Christie is at 18% isn’t really news anymore is it, Save Jerseyans?

Much more interesting? Heading into 2017?

And also more than a little frustrating (given what we’ll recall below)?

Today’s new FDU poll found 55% of New Jersey voters disapprove of their state legislature; in fact, “[a] majority of Democrats disapprove of the Democratic controlled legislature (51%),” and “Republicans (53%) and independents (62%) offer even stronger disapproval.

That’s a double-digit jump in the State House’s disapproval rating since June 2015 when 44% of voters disapproved.

Christie’s rating is consistent relative to the last polling report but down dramatically from this time last year when he was still in the 30s.

“With numbers like these for both the state legislature and executive, voters may be hoping for the opportunity to hit the reset button in November. Until then, it doesn’t look like either branch has much political capital or good will with their constituents,” opined Krista Jenkins, director of PublicMind and professor of political science.

With numbers THAT poor, and anger still palpable over the gas tax sell-out, you’d expect to see massive turnout in the upcoming November elections when all 120 Senate and Assembly seats are on the line.

If only! You won’t see massive turnover despite bipartisan disapproval because of gerrymandering. Only a handful of actual seats (LD1, 2, 11, 16 and maybe 13, 14 and 38 if things align perfectly for the challengers) are actually considered “competitive” in 2017. The districts were drawn in 2011 with the specific intent to protect incumbents.

Your rage was contained by design, folks.

Frustrating is too tame a descriptor. “Maddening” is more like it.