Ciattarelli blasts ‘mind-boggling’ N.J. sanctuary city aid legislation

Jack Ciattarelli

Jack Ciattarelli

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli joined fellow Republicans on Tuesday pushing back against the Trenton Democrats’ efforts to provide state funding for hypothetical federal aid cuts by the Trump Administration directed at sanctuary cities.

“The whole concept of an elected official in the United States of America declaring their local jurisdiction a Sanctuary City is a threat to public safety and, quite frankly, at this point in time, mind-boggling,” said Ciattarelli in a statement.

“I have long supported comprehensive immigration reform and believe we need to demonstrate some compassion in doing so, but adopting policies that actually encourage people to break federal law is both reckless and irresponsible,” Ciattarelli added. “Maybe some Democrats – including Phil Murphy and the Mayors in many urban centers – feel it’s in their best political interests to pander for votes.  But when their policies put public safety at risk and cost New Jersey taxpayers billions, someone needs to say enough is enough.  I have had my differences with Governor Christie, but he was absolutely right for promising to veto this disastrous legislation, and I would do the same if elected.”

The Democrat measures (S-3007/A4590), which Governor Christie vowed to veto on Monday night on NJ 101.5, could put New Jersey on the hook for billions in aid to 13 New Jersey municipalities which are determined to declare themselves sanctuary cities.

“We have reforms in place that work. Those reforms require that local police verify the legal status of anyone charged with a felony or drunk driving,” concluded Ciattarelli. “If the suspect is undocumented, federal authorities are to be informed.  Local law enforcement supports this approach. Given all that is going on with our borders, terrorism and our national security, there is no reason to make matters worse by encouraging illegal immigration by declaring and advertising that your town is Sanctuary City.”

Ciattarelli is competing for the 2017 GOP nomination with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers, and social media activist Joe Rullo.


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