Trenton Can’t Pay for Roads But It’s Ready to Fund Sanctuary Cities

New Jersey’s legislators are moving to fund the state’s sanctuary cities today, Save Jerseyans, mere months after these same legislators told the people of New Jersey that we didn’t have enough money to maintain roads and bridges.

No one under the dome seems to appreciate the irony.

At least not in the majority party.

“The legislation has the potential to devastate our state budget by shifting a $15 billion burden onto New Jersey taxpayers,” bemoaned state Senator Jim Holzapfel (R-10). “While this ill-conceived legislation is designed to make a political statement, it lacks a financial statement that addresses the tremendous tax increases it would require.”

S-3007 /A-4590 would reimbursed cities for any hypothetical loss of federal funds initiated by the Trump Administration; as of FY 2017 state budget, New Jersey municipalities received $15.7 billion from Washington, D.C.

Illegal immigration costs the state $2+ billion annually for education and other civic expenditures.

A chorus of Democrat mayors including Jersey City’s Steven Fulop have nevertheless taken the politically motivated step of declaring formal sanctuary status for illegal immigrants since Trump’s January inauguration….

….all at a time when New Jersey’s transportation projects were mothballed for months due to alleged lack of funding.

“I don’t understand why we’re voting on bills like this when the New Jersey Senate hasn’t addressed the real problems in our state,” added Holzapfel. “We need to take action to cut property taxes and address education concerns, and not waste time on careless bills designed to make political statements at the expense of taxpayers.”

We do. Then again, in order to get there, we need a legislative majority that’s more interested in making New Jersey affordable than buying votes with other people’s money.