VICTORY: Pinelands Commission Approves Natural Gas Pipeline

The long-languishing BL England pipeline project is finally about to become reality, Save Jerseyans.

‘Bout time!

On Friday morning, the project gained Pinelands Commission approval (9-5 with one abstention) during a meeting at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Cherry Hill.

The 22-mile proposed pipeline through the New Jersey Pinelands, running from Maurice River Township (Cumberland) to the B.L. England power plant in Upper Township (Cape May), is designed to permit the Jersey Shore’s B.L. England Generating Station to convert from coal to natural gas.

The plan was rejected in 2014.

Governor Christie subsequently replaced several Pinelands commissioners.

Protesters lamented alleged negative environmental consequences (which they always do) but BL England already operates 1,400+ miles of gas mains (and another 130+ miles of elevated pressure lines) inside the Pinelands’ confines and there hasn’t been ANY measurable/observable damage to date.


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