BL England Pipeline advances over objections from the illogical

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

BL England Pipeline (via ABC WPVI-6)
Route of the BL England Pipeline (via ABC WPVI-6)

We previously gave you six big reasons that the BL England pipeline needs to be built, Save Jerseyans, a project championed by Republican Sam Fiocchi and Democrat Jeff Van Drew, besides the undisputed fact that if pipelines were truly poison as environmentalists claim, we’d all be dead already since they’re already everywhere.

In any event, here’s a great update: the proposed 22-mile pipeline through the pinelands (designed to permit the Jersey Shore’s B.L. England Generating Station to convert from coal to natural gas) received a “certificate of filing” on Friday, a significant step forward in this never-ending bureaucratic maze.

Who could object to clean-burning natural gas over coal? A fossil fuel which the Obama Administration has treated with more disdain than ISIS?

Again, there isn’t much logic behind the opposition. These folks oppose harmless pipelines in favor of an exponentially more dangerous yet booming oil-by-rail car industry… an industry that lines the pockets of major Democrat donors…

Here’s hoping BL England’s latest hurdle clearance is a sign of things to come.


5 thoughts on “BL England Pipeline advances over objections from the illogical

  1. Mr. Spock: Exxon Valdez, Cherynoble, Fukagima, 3 Mile Island, Love Canal. The Colorado river mining spill, Global Warming ETC, ETC are all “Illogical”! Trust Christie, NJ or the US Government I would rather have relations with a female Klingon! I submit you Sir “You are Illogical”. Kirk Out! PS Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydrogen Power, Water Current and even Water desalinization are all Vulcan Technologies or WW2 German Suppressed Technologies and need to be further investigated! “Clean Energy” works, problem is the Fat Cats can’t make no big money on it!

  2. Who owns the rail cars that are being used for transporting the oil? Perhaps the same people who own the train cars that need to be replaced by the Canadian Pipeline? FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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